How to optimize display refresh rate per app on Samsung Galaxy S21 FE?

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Make sure you are using the 'high' refresh rate option under global-settings.
Yes, you can set up multiple apps at one:
1. Go to Bixby Routine.​
2. Click Add Routine present on the bottom.​
3. Under (if) condition, select 'app opened' options present under 'events' sub-topic.​
4. Once you see a new window, select all the apps you want to use in 60hz mode. (If you are an avid media watcher, selecting them is a good idea) and finally click >> done.​
5. Under (then) condition, go to 'display' > 'motion smoothness' > select Standard 60hz > done.​
6. Finally, click next on your routine, add any random name you want/customize and done.​

Now, whenever the app you have selected is in foreground and active, it will automatically switch to 60hz. Although there is a slight 1-2second delay.
Leaving the app (either closed or just in background) will reset it back to 120hz. Locking the phone will do the same and vice versa.
Using Picture-in-picture will also change it back to 120hz but then I guess that is a good thing.
At the moment, there is no option to set 60hz on AOD using this method.
You can test if it's working by enabling the 'fps-counter' under Developer Options.