How to get Airtel Broadband retention plans?

should i cancel airtel and opt for jio fiber

  • yes

    Votes: 3 50.0%
  • no

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  • this poll is stupid

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After being an airtel customer for the last 12 years , i fing deserve some sweet discount..

current plan : 150gb for Rs 899


check the new updated plans for your city and switch to something that suits your needs.

and as usual, the way to get in touch with retention department is to apply for disconnection.
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call 121. go through the menus to eventually connect to a human being.
tell him that you are not happy with your plan. and you are considering switching to some other service provider.
at this level they are likely to only offer you official plans. tell them that you want to disconnect.
at that point of time, they would either send you to retention team or tell you to wait for a confirmation call.

in either case... do remember that they might not offer you anything good and might just directly disconnect.
though you should get 2-3 calls to confirm before that happens.

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Regarding your vote, I recommend you stay with airtel. I have had some horrendous experiences with Reliance. They still owe my brother 1000 when they suddenly went bankrupt and turned off reliance broadband. Don't expect anything different from other ambani. They might offer magic speeds but it's all about reliability and customer service which they lack. Airtel has been transparent in their service. Good luck.