How To Connect Two Computers To Tata Indicom Broadband Connection

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I have recently acquired a tataindicom broadband 128 kbps connection.Now I want to share the connection between my laptop and the desktop using a hub, but it doesnot work.I have connected the cable coming out of the ADSL modem router to the uplink port on my HUB, and from the hub i have connected the two computers. But I cant seem to ping to any of the computers or the router( . It says "the request timed out". What could possibly be wrong with the connection?It worked the first time i tried. later on, i removed the connection and tried again, but in vain.When i insert the cable coming out of the modem router directly into either of the computers ethernet card, it works, but it doesnt work if i connect it through the hub. I dont think the hub is faulty as i was able to connect it the first try.Is it because of the cables? is there something like Straight cable and twisted cable???Please help!
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