How to connect Set top box with old TV set?


My cable TV operator is providing hathway set top box that have 3 pin connectors (as shown in image). One pin for video and 2 pins for audio.

I have an old TV set. As AV-Input, it has only 2 sockets.

There is no way to test the setup without paying and getting Cable connection installed.

What if I take the connection and connect
video pin to video input socket
one of the two audio pins to only audio input socket?

I might get single channel audio, but is there any other limitation? I am not sure if such connection works.

Please advise.



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Single channel audio is the only limitation. Maybe check the settings of STB, it might have an option to change audio output to mono so that you will not miss anything from the audio channel not connected to the TV.
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Yes. Only one of the two audio will go in. The same worked for Videocon D2h connected to an old TV with two pins.

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@wecaz Do you have DVD player at home? If not borrow it from any of your friend. DVD player must have 3-pin output system so connect only one audio jack to your TV and check if both the speakers are working or not.
I too have an old TV(bought in 2005) it has 3-pin system and its speaker offer surround sound if both audio pins are connected and it provides mono output if only one pin is connected.


This is what I did:
connected video pin to video input socket
connected one of the two audio pins to only audio input socket

And it works :)
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