How to connect adsl+Wifi router to Existing BSNL FTTH ONT

To all, my wifi router configuration is working fine now. Very simple mistake.
Instead of connecting FTTH modem Ethernet1 connection to my WiFi Router LAN1, I had connected to WAN port.
So, please make sure that you connect Ethernet1 of FTTH modem to LAN1 of your WiFi router.
Yeah, I just got BSNL FTTH MODEM ONT-404i.
I bought a D-Link DIR-600M and its been 2 days since, there is no possible way to get the router to work.
I connect both the PC and the FTTH modem to the router, configured it @, alas no dice...
Please, someone... HELP!!
Hi Abhinov

I was able to connect Wifi with BSNL AONT 100C with Dlink DIR 600M
below are the steps

Ensure the DHCP Mode is enabled in the BSNL Modem (It should be enabled by default)
physical setup:
From BSNL modem Ethernet Port - ETH1. Connect the Lan Cable to WAN PORT (Yellow Color) of the DLINK Router
From DLINK router LAN1 to Laptop or Computer Ethernet Port
Check if you have internet connectivity. If it connects you are all set. Else
1 check the Firmware Version of Dlink DIR 600 M
If the Firmware Verison is 3.02 you need to upgrade to Verizon 3.03
I got the firmware sent by the DLINK Tech Support Team Customer Care # 1800 322 0000
This is the file name: AP699E9N.BW6-4-OSK-Dlink-D1409111620_webupload
Once you download the file on your system
log on to DLINK router page
Check if you have a link for Firmware upgrade under Maintenance Tab if not use the link
Browse the file where you have downloaded
Ensure to click the checkbox and click on upload
it would take a min to upgrade to the Firmware 3.03
You should be able to connect via DLINK WIFI

Let me know the outcome. I will be more than glad to help you.

Hi , I have set up my BSNL FTTH connection configured with WiFi router all by myself . It took me few days to configure it by myself . So thought to make a video out of it and share it with you all .There was one specific setting which needs to be unchecked ( I am using a DLink Wifi router ) which i couldn't locate initially , but figured it out . I have given the youtube video link below . Hope this will help . Please don't forget to give me a like in the video if its useful to you . Suggestions are welcome .

Direct Video Link : Source

Or you can search in you tube for video description -> "BSNL FTTH and WiFi Router Configuration "

Happy learning !