How to configure Netgear DG834G ADSL Modem router


Feb 5, 2006
Not able to connect to ISP (BSNL Dataone, bangalore, India) using my Netgear DG834G wireless ADSL Modem router. It will be great if someone can help. thanks.---------------------------------------Configuration required by BSNL Dataone:Connection Type: PPPEncapsulation: PPPoEModulation: GDMTPVC: 0VPI: 0VCI: 35Default Gateway: EnabledUsername & password: as provided by BSNL dataone--------------------------------------I have done the configuration as follows:Go to BASIC SETTINGS in the router:Click 'YES' for 'Does your Internet Connection require a login?'For ENCAPSULATION select PPPoA.For Login enter the username & Password that BSNL Dataone gave you in full.For INTERNET IP ADDRESS click 'Get Dynamically From ISP' For DNS ADDRESS click 'Get Automatically From ISP.'For NAT click 'Enable.'Next go into the ADSL SETTINGS menu and for Multiplexing select 'VC Based.'For VPI enter zero.For VCI enter 35 and Apply.Clicked on CONNECT.-------------------------------------- But unable to connect. Connection status is "Initilise LCP". See Connection status below...Connection Time 00:00:00 Connecting to Server DisconnectNegotiation Initialize LCP.Authentication ---Getting IP Addresses ---Getting Network Mask ----------------------------------------- Below is router status:ROUTER STATUSAccount Name Firmware Version V3.01.25 ADSL PortMAC Address 00:0f:b5:b3:31:d7 IP Address ---Network Type PPPoAIP Subnet Mask ---Gateway IP Address ---Domain Name Server --- LAN PortMAC Address 00:0f:b5:b3:31:d6 IP Address DHCP OnIP Subnet Mask 255. 255. 255.0 ModemADSL Firmware Version Status ConnectedDownStream Connection Speed 2048 kbpsUpStream Connection Speed 512 kbpsVPI 0VCI 35--------------------------------------Router Statistics:System Up Time 00:29:50 Port Status TxPkts RxPkts Collisions Tx B/s Rx B/s Up TimeWAN PPPoE 0 0 0 0 0 00:00:00LAN 10M/100M 359 350 0 86 26 00:30:41WLAN 11M/54M 88 0 0 12 0 00: 30:34ADSL Link Downstream UpstreamConnection Speed 2048 kbps 512 kbpsLine Attenuation 11 db 2 dbNoise Margin 31 db 25 db--------------------------------------
Jul 18, 2005
hi i have the same modem/router/access point and I used the wizard to detect my settings and it is working perfectly with my dataone connection.Secondly, if it did not connect, how did u get the usage stats?secondly, is the multiplexing method set to LLC?is the i light ( internet light ) steady?


Aug 12, 2007
@ofhumanbondageNeed ur help - EDIT - prb. solved... I chngd VC to LLC, VP - 0; VC - 35 n now its wrkg fine...EDIT AGAIN - My conn. drops every 2 -3 mins n den it takes sometime to reconnect... Wht shud I do... Wht shud b my settings for connecting to internet (I mean d icon to connect to d internet)


Sep 24, 2011
I tried the following and it worked

open iexplore http:://
username : admin
password : password

go to the basic settings

you have to select the PPP0E and say you need authentication

Encapsulation PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet) PPPoA (PPP over ATM)

Login : (call up the customer care to get user name and password )
Password : password
service name : dataone

let the DHCP and IP configured to be fetch from ISP

Go to the ADSL settings

VCI 35

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