How to configure Buffalo Airstation with Alliance Broadband

I have a Buffalo wifi router:
Buffalo 150Mbps Wireless-N Wireless Entry Model Router - Buffalo:

Now, I'm taking Alliance Broadband connection. Can you please help me to configure the wifi router for the broadband connection.

Thanks in advance.


I've configued this and it takes 8-10 mins for configuring the router. But I've faced this problem. I'm trying to logout from PC and login to Alliance login page from my iPhone . I'm getting the username/password error. But when I login from PC, I can access the Alliance page from the iPhone . How do I login from the phone when the PC is turned off ??

Actually Alliance keeps track of your MAC, from which you had logged in recently. You have to phone them to request to release the MAC for your IP. For Kolkata, phone number is: 1800-1200-300.