How many ways to connect secondary router to extend WiFi connectivity by wired connection ?

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I have Airtel ISP and I am about to connect secondary router to extend my WiFi range in my house. As I search thru google. somebody says bridge mode, somebody says wireless AP method to extend WiFi range. Also some says disable DHCP in secondary router, connect cables primary router LAN port to secondary router LAN port ?? some says primary router LAN1 to Secondary router WAN port ?
How many ways to connect secondary router to extend WiFi connectivity by wired connection.
Why all these methods are using ? Which is the best method which particular usage ?
May be I'm confused about what I said above.



If you just want extend the range of your wifi network with a secondary router, forget about bridge mode.

Now, your secondary router may have an inbuilt Access Point mode. If this is the case, connect ethernet cable from LAN1(depends on which port airtel is giving gigabit connectivity; usually LAN1&2 should have it; could be none of them do) port on your Airtel router to WAN port of your secondary router(be sure to put in access point mode).

If you don't have access point mode in your secondary router, connect ethernet cable from LAN1 on Airtel router to LAN1 of secondary router. Then turn off DHCP server of your secondary router.

You can also give your secondary router's mac address a reserved dhcp entry on your Airtel router. This should help you in logging into your secondary router. Login into your Airtel router and go to dhcp settings. There you can reserve an address like for your secondary router using its mac address.
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