How Many Here Suffering Mental Agony At The Hands Of Tata Indicomm Bangalore ?


Apr 27, 2006
Hi All,Choosing TataIndicomm as ISP was a bad decision for sure, I got the account activated and installed on 11th May and since then I have seen only 10-14 days of uptime.Most of you already know about Tata customer care and their commitments, so I won't bore you by repeating the story.I went over their "Terms and Conditions" and the "Best Effort Service" thingi ... It will be tricky to get them in consumer forum.Anyway has anyone tried suing them in Consumer forum yet ?I am in Bangalore and I have plans to set them right ... if not consumer forum then other ways ...I want to know the forum members in Bangalore using TataIndicomm service and having issues with their services.I need the following :Name,user-id , Area in Bangalore , Phone number and kind of issues. (You can pm me if you don't want to publish the info on forum)I am planning to write letter to editor and get it published and may if members agree then go to their whitefield office in a group and meet some higher officials there. Possibly we can approach the consumer forum together too.


Jun 7, 2006
Hi,I am also a Tata BB user from bangalore.Area: HMT Layout, R T NagarKind of problems: Connection was down for 2 weeks, now its up but frequent disconnectionsWill pm other details

Jun 21, 2005
Delhi -NCR
I paid for 3 months and i have used it for only 2 months with 25 days downtime within tis 2 months, i m back to sify again


Jul 3, 2006
freinds! I paid for 5 months and guess what ? I subscribed for 256 kbps connection and tata gave me not even a 50 kbps connection..And to add to it when I tried to register a complain with the tata people to get my problem sorted ..the customer care people sitting in hyderabad greeted me with verbal abuses..and the tata indicom broadband manager of kolkata disconnected the phone on my face..telling me that he is out of town...So remember if you land up in problem with some connection problems with tata indicom connection...Get ready for verbal abuses and some the site they say "Experience super- fast Internet from Tata Indicom Broadband. High – speed Tata Indicom Broadband is brought to you by VSNL – the people who introduced Internet in India. Avail of great offers on broadband installation charges, services and more. With a wide range of content from movies, music to business services, no matter what your Internet needs, Tata Indicom Broadband has value-for money tariff plans for you. " they must add this lines..You will also get some verbal abuses and misbehaviour as part of their customer service"Guess TATA is becoming a LEADING SERVICE PROVIDER!!!God help their customers


Jul 28, 2006
this is not only ion bangalore its same in hyderabad also, Presently, I have Tata indicom Broadband connection which is subsidary of VSNL, The speed and Customer Service really SUCKS. U call the call centre and they promise u that your problem will be solved the next day latest by 11:30 am. Well, even after months of continously reminding them every fortnight nothing happens. All u get is false promises. From past 2 months they have been saying that they are undergoing some migration which is an excuse, but this is worst service I have ever seen. These people are existing because of the name they are putting up with as VSNL. People my suggestion is not to go to this service even if this is only connection u have at ur location, which I am facing. In my location I have only this provider and there is an other local service provider. I think it is better to go with the local provider rather then going with this tata indicom service. It really sucks. And more over my diary is completely filled with complaint no.So next time anyone wants a net connection, I, would suggest to go with Airtel. This is the best service i have seen which i used in bangalore for almost 1.5 years. Unfortunately I dont have this in my location.

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