How do I activate Happy Browsing on my BSNL Broadband connection?

Is Happy Browsing still working for you? (December 2018)

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Yes. But I am thinking to disconnect my connection. As now it is not worthy.
Just exhausted monthly FUP and no Happy Browsing popup. Only upgrade or decline. The link doesn't work as it displays "Promotional Plans are not set as per defined in configuration" so the joyride is officially over for us FTTH users as well.

I have submitted the request to change my existing fiber plans to the new Bangalore Circle FTTH 1999 plan which gives 150 Mbps up to 1500 GB. At least no daily limit nonsense and decent enough data for a month.

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I’m on 299 plan (experience broadband) and I’ve used almost 9gb today but I’m still getting 10mbps.

Daily data limit is 1.5Gb.
  1. Happy Browsing is not showing.
I can think of two possible reasons as to why this is happening for you:

1. If you are less than 6 months on the 249 plan, they wont change it. It's a TRAI rule. So maybe you are stuck with no fup for now.
2. They are changing the plan in phases and yours will be changed any time now.

I was on 249 plan and I had no FUP till 3rd December. On 4th FUP of 1.5 GB kicked in.

So enjoy while it lasts.
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Tweeted many times .
Off-Topic- Did you guys tried contacting your local cable operator for internet connection ?
There was only BSNL ADSL available in my area . But when i called up my LCO , to my surprise he agreed to give me a 25 Mbps broadband . And even more surprising it's FTTH , they use 2 core fibre.
25 Mbps FTTH at 850+Tax/Month is quite good deal in Tier 3 city. Installation (2500 + My own router)
Just waiting for activation . So, guys try to contact your LCO , maybe you'll get a deal.
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