How can I connect multiple devises using Tikona + DLink DSL2750U Wireless N ADSL2 Wi-Fi Router ?

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Sukanta Ganguly

Recently I have switched over from BSNL to Tikona broadband. My plan is 4mbps upto 30 gb and then 512 kbps. I have configured my existing D-Link router, after searching through the posts here. Here's how my Dlink router is configured with Tikona.
1) Advanced Setup-> Layer2, Add atm0 with default settings

2) WAN Service -> Add with Bridge type selected, keep others default

3) Wireless ->Enable Wireless, and give your own SSID, keep others default

4) Wireless-> Security-> Give Network Authentication as WPA-Personal, and passprase will be your own password to connect to WiFi - 19761106

5) Interface Grouping -> Give a group name as WAN, and select WL0, LAN2, LAN3, LAN4 from right to left, Apply/Save. Now there should be 2 groups one Default with LAN1 and other with new Group Name

6) LAN -> In the right top dropdown select WAN group and disable DHCP, Apply/Save

7) Management->Settings->Backup your settings"....I got these settings from "Shashi" ( Thanks a lot Shashi for your help).

8) Management -> RebootConnect the output from Tikona to LAN2 port on the router, connect your laptop to Wifi on the router using the SSID/passphrase. This should work, else shutdown router for 10 seconds, disable your wireless network and log-off/on again, enable wireless network and try connecting again.After this the ethernet wire coming from Tikona should be connected to LAN2 port, and you can use wifi. Note that LAN1 port is used to connect to the router only ( after this setup. Go to login page of tikona ( with ur userid and password given by tikona and login to connect to internet.

Now, I wish to connect multiple devices ( 2 laptop and 4 mobile) ; however the challenge is I need to log in everytime from the devices using the devices browser and Tikona does not allow more than two simultaneous connection.
Is there a way I can log into Tikona without having to give username/pwd (like I did with my broadband) and can I connect multiple devices simultaneously ( like I did with my broadband) ?