How am I billed for DataOne ?



Does anyone know whether the subscriber is billed against his telephone no. or his userid for DataOne access ? :unsure:


Apr 14, 2005
Sourabh,The bill for Data One will come in the bi-monthly telephone bill you get. The bill for the Data One will be just added to your bi-monthly telephone bill. For example, if the telephone bill is Rs. 551 (Rs. 500 - rent for two months & Rs. 51 - service tax on Rs. 500) and your use is within the limit of 1 GB per month (Supposing that you have opted for 256kbps home 500 plan) then the total bill after two months that you should expect is Rs. 1653.00 (Rs. 551/- telephone bill & Rs. 1102 for the broadband). Hope your question is well exaplained. Keep sending views.

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