How Airtel, Vodafone can compete with Jio without reducing ARPU


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Mar 12, 2018
Airtel must launch a plan for 150 rupees for three months. Give 1500 minutes (any network) of talktime vaild for 90 days. If 1500 minutes gets over in 40 days, then for the rest of 50 days, 1 minute must be charged at 10 paise or 15 paise. After 90 day period is over, 1 minute can be charged at 1 rupee/min (similar to current). If only 300 minutes are used in 90 days, no rollover should be allowed. 1000 SMS free for 90 day period. Extra SMS at 3 Paise/SMS. No rollover for next 90 day period.
No data. Data should be bought seperately.

This way, Airtel can compete with Jio without reducing ARPU.

Similarly, launch plans like Plan 90 for 90 days (700 minutes talktime, 90 days validity, 30 Paise/min after 700 mins. No rollover of minutes.

Launch Plan 250 for 90 days. 3000 mins talktime for 90 days. etc

This way, you can compete with jio and not reduce ARPU

2) At present, Airtel deducts money from main balance if Data expires. If a subscriber buys 1 GB of data, if 1 GB is over, currently, amount is deducted from main balance for Airtel subscribers. But Jio users do not have that problem. From now on, if 1 GB data is over, just cut the Internet connection without deducting from main balance.
Anyway, if main balance is over, connection cuts. Similarly, from now onwards, cut the connection if data balance is over.
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Oct 29, 2004
Works fine on Airtel. Not on Vodafone though unless they fixed it.


May 3, 2008
Vodafone has good network but Airtel has poor network, may be due to overcrowding after consolidation. The call connection time is very long while making outgoing call.......

Both of them can kill Jio...... just by improving their network...... no need for further price cuts........ 99Rs unltd calls for 28 days with 1GB data is good enough......