Horrible Tata Sky experience


Dec 20, 2011
I purchased Tata Sky on 2nd Oct 2011 and made one of the biggest mistake. I did the transaction over IVR using the number mentioned on their website.The sales person are overselling the services. I purchased the equipment at 2799 which included dish + box + standard installation + activation + 2 months subscription to Grand Sports Pack + 2 months subscription to HD Gold Pack + Rs.100 credit in account for Showcase movies.The installation happened on 03-10-2011 but it did not get active in 1 hour as it was told to me. Even after waiting till 05-10-2011 it was not getting activated. I had series of phone calls to Tata Sky call center costing me approx. 70/- or more but they would not activate telling me they have not received my activation fee.Although they would agree that Rs.200 are included in Rs.2799 and box price is 2599 but they would not activate unless it is told to them from back office. Finally I told them that I did not want their services. The call center manager requested me recharge with Rs.200 at some local shop to get the connection activated as of now and then he would take care of crediting it later on. Since the installation (box and cabling) was done, I agreed and did BIG Mistake.The Rs.200 did not get credited and I again had series of phone call to call center every day for that and finally the credited it on 17-10-2011.It was later that I discovered that Rs.100 for showcase was not part of standard Tata Sky offer but the operator tried to fool me. I had series of phone calls worth Rs.50/- to call center and after going through the Audio Recording, the credited Rs.100 in account with irrelevant description. Now again on 16-12-2011, they have reversed the earlier Rs.200 saying it was some mistake from their end. This made my account balance negative and I keep on getting message on SMS saying you need to recharge immediately. Again I have to go through the horror of calling up their call center but nothing is happening.They stopped my TV services on 19-12-2011 midnight by deliberately making my account balance negative.I would not suggest any body to go for Tata Sky DTH connections for following reasons.1. Their customer call center which is the only point of contact have no capability to understand the customer issues2. Even in case if they try to understand, they are not able to carry out any corrective measures from their end3. They are required to pass on every small thing to back-office who are bull heads and do no understand the customer issues at all4. The nodal officer numbers mentioned on their website are not working. They seem to be all Tata Indicom/DOCOMO number and there are all chances of manipulation5. The emal id's of nodal office are also in tatasky.com domain which can be easily manipulated6. The do not have any resolution time commitment once you log an complaint with them.7. They are deleting customer complaints. If you log a complaint using their web site, it may or may not come in your complaints list.8. They close the complaints at their will without attending to the issue9. They do not have any escalation process10. When asked about escalation the call center will not give any information regarding this.In all it was a horrible experince with Tata although I took the decision to buy looking at Tata brand, but now I am sure that I need to say TaTa (bye-bye) to Tata.Tata Sky DTH is bad, oops sorry bad is too good. Tata Sky is worst.It is clear that once should not purchase Tata Sky because of their poor services.While going through internet posts I also found that technically Tata Sky is very poor.They use old MPEG-2 technology and are unable to deliver the ever increasing channels.


Jan 15, 2011
but the operator tried to fool me.
One of my friend is also a victim here. He went for Tatasky as I recommended it. The promise and all other free goodies they promised to offer before paying through IVR and after the payment is complete is entirely different. I stopped recommending Tatasky to anybody. Once payment got processed then they don't even provide any free goodies they promised earlier unless it is mentioned in their website. I am also a Tatasky customer for last 4 years, but personally never faced any issues till now.


Go Getter!!
Oct 14, 2008
They have an issue with activating HD Gold pack for offers.I had to chat with their executive on their portal to get it activated.Didnt have to deal with their customer care but looks like most of these customer care executives dont have a clue.


Oct 31, 2011
one of its kind case.I am using Tatasky since 2006, currently i am having three Tata Sky HD+ Boxes installed at my residence.I have a great experience with Tatasky but sometimes they do cut my balance unnecessarily but they revert it back when i send them one email immediately.I am sorry to hear about your case. may i know which city you belong.

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