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Hey guys I live in Hyderabad....near Kukatpally area......Is there any ISP providing me 256kbps unlimited or any night time surfings ...cable connection for rupees 600-700......By the way at present .Im using some cable internet which I dont know ....but he advertises that mine is 88kbps....but if i monitor the speed in bandwidth monitor pro software im getting 250-450 or more....this is somewhat suprising ...but still i get speeds like 6-7 KBPS from servers ...and thanks to torrents..they only use my complete bandwidth..i get both upload and downlaod as totally 11KBPS ....can anyone of you help me finding out my ISP IP number is think it is netlinx..but doubt please check this IP and tell me to which ISP i belong to....pleas edont hack me get nothing important from me ......and also Im thinking to shift to iqara broadband ....which I saw in this forum only.....can u give details about that ISP ...I have already told you wer do i live and price i can please tell me ....that it is available for me thanks in advance
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Weird post.

I Hyderabad, you can probably opt for BSNL, though I don't know much about your location. The 500 plan is the one to opt for. It is within your budget.

As far as the ISP lookup is concerned, you can follow this link. You'll see your ISP over there, and also it's location in the map.