Help me save money on lease line .. spending 24,000 a month

I run a asterisk VOIP server in my office in Saltlake Kolkata.

For this I have two lease lines:
Tata Leased Line Rs.18,000/- 4 Mbps up /4 Mbps down
Meghbela Lease Line Rs. 6000/- 2 Mbps up/2 Mbps down

I need to have 2 connections so that one can be the failover for another connection.

Are there better alternatives for lease line in Kolkata?



Not just Internet.
Also if you don't have a specific requirement then get a net connection with static ip.
Most isp are near 1:1 contention ratios nowadays when wholesale bandwidth is damn cheap.
> Most isp are near 1:1 contention ratios nowadays

The problem in using a regular broadband connection is that the b/w is not symmetric and this causes problem with VOIP. Since for the 40 agents behind the asterisk server the upload / download b/w required is the same.

For the agents when they need to browse the internet I send their internet traffic out of a PFSense router. On this PFSense router I have configured the following broadband connections in the failover mode:

1. Hathway Rs.1250/ 100 mbps/50 mbps Cap of 1024GB then 3mbps unlimited

2. Alliance Broadband Rs. 1500/ 75 mbps/15 mbps No Cap

3. Meghbela Broadband Rs.5500/ 25 mbps/10 mbps Cap of 250 GB, then 4Mbps Unlimited

Any suggestions ?
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Not just Internet.
Is this download / upload speed you mentioned?
If yes then consider the connection speed as upload speed not download speed as connection speed.
Like Hathway consider it as a 50mbps connection not 100mbps.
Try the one which has least downtime or lower ping to the sip server address of voip provider.
Hathway has good enough routing wherever present, other two are kolkata specific.

Still way cheaper after backup connections.
You can keep leased for month or two and try main voip load on any of these.