HDTV (1-1.5 lakh)


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Oct 12, 2006
Hello guys,

I bought a Sony HDTV (the first Full HD TV in India) about ten years ago. Paid a premium for it. Now though, it is time to upgrade. Please give suggestions. Also, any trade-in deals?

Anything goes as far as suggestions.....

1. Budget: 1-1.5 lakh

2. Viewing distance: A good couple of feet. 10-15 or so.

3. Sources/inputs such as HD DTH/consoles/stand-alone media players etc: Xbox One, Roku and one or two other devies.

4. Preference for plasma TV/LCD TV/LED-LCD TV: - LCD/OLED/Ultra HD - Anything but Plasma

5. Preference for brands - Anything goes

6. Willing to purchase it from the grey market? - Nope. First hand only.

7. Ambient lighting conditions of the room - Good enough lightning.

8. Any other feature you are looking for such as 3D support on the HDTV, DLNA capabilities etc: 3D support isn't necessarry but all of latest features should be there.