Have you been to a dhaba in Murthal?


Oct 29, 2004
The paranthas of the dhabas at Murthal in Sonepat are famous all over the country. And since I get to visit New Delhi all so often, I get many chances to visit one of the popular ones. Yesterday was one such occasion. We stopped at the most famous of them all, Ahuja No. 1 and had the regular dose of tasty daal makhni and paranthas. The crowd has multiplied, tables have replaced khaats, trucks have been replaced by cars (I even saw an Octavia standing there) and if you want, you can sit in a fully air conditioned room. But the service is prompt, food is great and you still get that déjà vu feeling! The prices are on the higher side in the better ones but still 250 bucks for great Indian food for 3 people is not a bad deal.

Murthal ke Dhabey


Dec 26, 2004
Abay next time when you go there, get some prathas for all the guys in your office too. All of them are Bhukkads and specially me .... I love parathaas buddy.. :)
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