Hathway Offer Problem + Data Quota


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Hello, I'm running with Hathway with 3 Month + 1 Month Free Plan (Total of 4 Months for the price of 3 Months Plan). But there are few things I am facing since last 2 cycles.

1. I don't receive the extra 1 month (Fourth Free Month) after renewal, I have to call them multiple times before I get it and this time I haven't received it after calling too.

2. I don't get 1000 GB Data per month which they promise each month so it's like 1 GB per month for four months. I only get 70 GB when it starts with the new month.

3. I don't receive the Carried Forward Data as well. It shows zero in CF.

Hathway's support is not as good as Airtel's Billing Team is. What shall I do?

Do you know any reliable Hathway Offer Number where I can call and ask for my offer and get it activated?



The only way to get what you want in Hathway is, keep raising complaints and keep escalating each and every complaint!


1) extra month will be automatically added after a week or two.
2) data also gets automatically added if you get close to your data limit. In my case i too got 70gb and when i used +50gb in a day it automatically added 1020gb in my account.
Data is unlimited don't worry about exhaustion, the limit that you see shouldn't matter.
3) carry forward doesn't really matter because your data is unlimited.


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Hi. I have not received it yet and I have called them multiple times but they say it will be added in few hours but it doesn't happen.

It is already 2 weeks now.