Hathway good in Pune?

Remo R

Mar 9, 2016
I recently got my BSNL broadband disconnected due to pathetic service and unskilled staff who do not understand broadband problems.

I am planning to use Hathway again, I had their connection during 2006 for a year it was pretty good as I never faced issues with anything as I had started downloading so moved to BSNL for cheaper plans.I dont download much but prefer watching stuff online using KODI. Does it work with Hathway?

Please can any share their experience with Hathway in Pune!


May 11, 2015
I guess it depends on the area.
I live near Warje and I got the connection about 3 months ago.

TL;DR - Its working great for me.

Here's my Experience.

3 months ago, I got fed up with Joister Broadband which I had through my LCO. Extremely low speeds on weekends was the main reason. Therefore I was in search of a new provider. Since I live out of city limits, there are very few ISPs in my area.

1st was BSNL which I did not consider at all because I was getting Google and P2P peering with my previous connection and I needed high speeds at least above 25Mbps.

Second was Idea Broadband. They only provided plans with max speed of 4Mbps and very low FUP. So that was out too.

Then there was another local broadband called Hi5. They used to resell from Five Net but I guess they changed providers now. Not sure. Anyway, I had heard about their huge downtime and bad after sales service so I let it go.

Last was Hathway. Now at first I was skeptical about getting it as they give very low FUP despite their high speeds according to their plans on their site. But thanks to IBF, I came to know that they have plans other than those listed on their website so I went to the office, and to my surprise, they offered me a plan that I could't refuse.

50Mbps speeds for 1TB FUP! and 3Mbps thereafter. Now I had read about similar plans being offered in Chennai and Delhi on IBF but I didn't think that they would offer it in my area as it is out of city limits as I said earlier. I immediately terminated my previous connection, and asked Hathway representative for installation. Installation took place on Sunday in about an hour and the connection activated on the next day. Its been 3 Months since I got it and I am pretty happy with it. The speeds are very stable. On most of the sites and services, I get full download speeds.

In total, I paid about 6400, in which I got the mentioned plan for 8 Months, installation and a Skyworth WiFi router.

In the whole 3 months, the connection went down for only 1 whole day. Else its all good. I have posted speedtest results for a few servers in India and one for NYC. Let me know if you need any more speed or ping tests.

As for Kodi, I tried streaming a few Football matches which I believe were on UK servers and they worked amazing.

Pros -
Download speeds.
FUP data quota.

Cons -
Upload speed.
Router is locked down. (Can't even change default DNS)

SpeedTest Results:

Pune -

Mumbai -

New Delhi -

New York -

Fast.net -

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Remo R

Mar 9, 2016
Thank you for the details I can get a better deal by visiting the office.

I will go down to their head office (I guess its still at JM road) soon to check on the latest plans, Website seems to have the standard plans and not the kind of ones you mentioned.

I think 150-200 GB will be enough for me!