Hathway Digital Technical Question


Feb 3, 2009
I am using Hathway digital through a STB in Bangalore. All features such as EPG , channel informtation works as expected. The feed is provided by a local cable operator , called Tirumala Network. Before moving over to Hathway, I used to receive normal cable service over the same endpoint. Wire used is co-axial and while moving to HAthway the cable guy just changed the end connector so that it previously went into the TV set, now it goes to the STB. My question is, if previously the signal was handled by my non digital TV set, how come Hathway service is digital. But having said that, having features such as EPG, channel information , means it is digital service. Just curious, if someone can provide any technical details.


The Real
Jan 12, 2008
i dont know exactly.. i use cable without hathway box. they charge 750 for box (that is one time/non refundable) and can be used only with hathway enabled cables...recently (20 days back) shifted to this house and here the local cable guy asked me whether i need more channels with same price (only thing i have to do is -buy that 750rs box). i said No to him and seeing channels on local cable..If i pay and buy, they wont do anything other than connecting the cable to hathway box.. I've not seen the backside connection. I have seen the hathway connection from my uncle's house.. They watch on AV with hathway remote to get all channels (EPG/and other features). When they dont get Hathway signals, they are seeing it on normal mode using TV Remote (scan the signal and you have that too) ! so.. when hathway is working, you can see all channels thru AV using hathway remote..when hathway is off/not working, you can watch the local cable channels (good clarity though) with TV remote you dont need to pay seperately for hathway/cable.. 200RS per month will do !! I didnt check the backside connection... sorry if i couldnt clear your question .(i am sure, i havent :p)


Jul 10, 2006
This is basically a "Frequency division multiplexing".If you have noticed, while scanning channels in analog mode, few channels in between are dropped, I mean you don't get any channel on those frequencies now. This is where they have started sending "Digital signals". As they are "digital", your analog TV set cannot decode them. The STB you have is tuned to those frequencies only, and decodes that signal to Analog one [which is ultimately viewable on your TV set on AV].I hope I've answered your query. If not, please reply here. We'll discuss it! :thumbsup:


Nov 5, 2009
thanks snw2288... good reply. But I had another problem. I can see SUB TV, Animax, SONY, one day before. But after one day five to six channels are on the same channel number i.e. "000" . and I cannot view any one of them. all other channels are comming on individual channels. each channel had individual number. but on "000" I can see the information of 5 to 6 channels but I cannot view any one of them. cisco z260DUB-NM stb. Plz help.