Hathway Chennai- congestion issue midnight

Hey guys
i'm from chennai, i am noticing a huge speed issues every night during 11pm-12am... during the day i get full speed (almost, cant complaint), ive raised the issue and info as follows.

My friend living in different part of city is also facing the same issue, since he is having ACT as primary ISP he is not bothered about this issue.

1st call: An engineer called me up and told me that wireless settings have been reset to mixed mode which i previously changed to N only mode.
I told him this has nothing to do with speed issues on my LAN. he insisted it will work out. (yes facepalm). i told him to keep my ticket under observation and not to close it.

2nd call: This a higher level guy called me up regarding the issue and honestly he was kinda angry since i changed the setting of wifi his exact words were " my device is customized device and dont tamper with my device". thats when i got little thrown back and taught some manners. He tried to defend his words and but failed, he told me that issue may be IP assignment and he is will assign me a static ip to test it for two days and call back.
He neither assigned a static IP nor called me back to check and closed my ticket.

I raised an other ticket 3 days back through the Mobile app.

1st call: An engineer spoke to me and told me that OLT on my route was given a separate path and i will not face any speed issues here after and asked to observer that night and call back the next day.
I still had issues (not surprised) and nobody called up the next day.

2nd call
: A sales person called me up and informed me that validity is ending in 7 days and asked me to recharge sooner. I was in a grumpy mood so i told her i wont recharge unless my speed issue is cleared. She said okay and was silent for few seconds, i raised my voice that they call several times for recharge and never worry about the customer issue. She said she will take my complaint and forward it. I hung up.

After few hours i got a text saying my L2 request was registered with docket number.

3rd call
: (few hours ago today) A lady called up and asked for the issue, i patiently told her everything that happened just same as i am typing here. she gave me blunt reply that i have to pay for static ip to be assigned to me. Now i really got pissed and shouted at her that it was not my problem with speed and they have to resolve it on their own and i wont recharge unless its done.
She told me that she will send an engineer and do a speedtest by evening 6 pm. She couldnt understand that my issue is only from 11-12 and sending an engineer at 6 pm wont solve the issue. I got fed up and told her that if the issue is not resolved by today then i wont recharge and will disconnect the service.

Finally is anyone else facing the same issue?
which area from chennai? my connection will go live tonight. I shall update you. I live in Sholinganallur and Hathway is just starting service here. So we should be able to figure out if the 11-12 pm issue is due to congestion or some sort of planned maintenance.
Config guy came early today morning and installed the router (ZTE).

I have connected it to a Linksys WRT 1900 ACS. Speedtest on 5 Ghz wifi -> Source

Tried speed tests on both 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz Wifi.. speeds are constantly above 74 Mbps on wifi. Since different parts of my house has different routers (802.11 n, ac) i am seeing a variation in the speeds.

Here's a speed test from a laptop which is 2 hops away. Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test

Will connect the laptop directly to the Hathway router and post a speed test tomorrow.

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