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So after some hiccups, finally decided to try out Hathway by keeping my airtel broadband in Safe Custody. So far the experience is awesome compared to the slow speed of airtel. Airtel refuses to provide more than 4MBPS in my area and charges 899 bucks for 2MBPS@9GB FUP, 512kbps.

In case of Hathway, I paid 899 for 50MBPS@20GB FUP, 1MBPS plan. I paid total 3077 for 3 months.

This is the latest speedtest results.

This is the speed in IDM

1. Connection is reliable and I experienced no throttling yet.
2. Speed is stable and ranges from 3-5MBPS (download speed in IDM)
3. Got a login free connection i.e permanently logged in to the internet.
4. No installation fee.

1. Customer care is not responsive and takes at least 24 hours to respond to complaints unlike airtel which resolves my problem within 2-3 hours.
2. The engineer told me that my old TP-LINK WD8968 would not work with Hathway. Hence, I have to dump it now. I have used it for less than a year with more than 2 years warranty remaining.
3. No landline connection like airtel.
4. Again did not get the connection in their guaranteed 2 days and had to call their office repeatedly to provide the connection.

So far it is too early to judge, but if the connection remain stable then I will disconnect my airtel connection permanently.
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They provided a DLink wifi router and a modem for connecting their cable. I am using Galaxy Grand and I use it besides the router itself.


Not just Internet.
Well two types of network in delhi, old ethernet based where you don't need modem supports 5mbps max and new docsis based with modem which supports upto 50mbps
Dear Invader,

We are extremely grateful to you for the support you have extended to us. We are sorry to hear about the cons you are facing with Hathway Broadband and are glad to have the opportunity to assist you. Please share your account number, we will get back to you.

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Hathway Broadband


Now you are unnecessarily creating problems for payment. Despite repeated calls to you, the issue of cheque payment is not yet resolved. The cheque amount has been debited from my account and i have mailed you my account statement reflecting the same. But despite this your customer reps are telling me that the amount is still due. Kindly look into this and provide a faster resolution if you can.
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