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It appears as though it's only for existing customers at the moment


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Are you sure it's 1000GB? ACT Fibernet & Cherrinet charges Rs. 11000 plus taxes for the same amount of data and speed. I'm already paying Rs. 4.6K a month for 150 Mbps 450GB, if it's 1000GB as they claim then I wouldn't mind switching.
Submitted application to the executive and he clearly mentioned 1000GB FUP 150Mbps Down & 75Mbps Up post that 2Mbps seemed like a good deal and i cant afford to miss it. Like someone mentioned in this forum, I made the executive write the whole plan details in the Application and took pictures of it. Told installation will be done tomorrow though 48 hours is the given time.

FUP less plans aren't currently available for Chennai.

Raised request for disconnection of ACT with little bit hesitation don't know why.

Update : Received call from ACT Retention Department and he tried to convince me saying they are in the process of updating their plans but he agreed they can't match with hathway's 1000GB FUP so he processed my disconnection. These guys doesn't bend like Airtel. Hope hathway installs as promised. Please share your experience with hathway installation process.

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This is a real deal but not sure its gonna remain the same.Got the connection yesterday in palavakkam.
Speed goes up to 100mbps most of the time.But in my online hathway account the data balance is 150 gb only.
Need to check what happens after I exceed that limit.

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If the FUP is 150GB then it's not really a good value as you will exceed the limit within 2.5Hrs of continuous downloading, however Hathway usually provides 1-2TB Data
Been using Hathway almost 9 months in Kolkata (10Mbps plan at Rs. 650). Zero complaints, will recommend to everyone whole-heartedly. Speeds as promised for both direct downloads and well-seeded torrents, connectivity 100% (expect on one occasion several months ago) and no fudging of usage statistics. Latency could be better though.


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@salaxzar Count me in... got 1900GB this month. This just keeps getting better and better :cool:

April 1st I was given 150GB out of which I consumed 90GB in 3days and was assured balance data will be credited within 48hrs. Surprisingly I was given 1900GB.

Hope they won't take back
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