Guide to Hathway's best plans at cheaper prices


Oct 2018

Nothing works, they stopped giving phone numbers of their reps and discontinued all existing ones.
They attached retention plans to accounts who have not renewed for 'X' months.
Their 'plans' department calls you on their own and their numbers are outgoing only so you can no longer call them and ask for certain plans.
Their system is still not automated and they can activate any plan at any cost but getting to them is not easy because they cannot be reached.

They have priced 50mbps plan at Rs850-900. Sometimes they bring 3+1 month offer at Rs2650 but service has gone downhill and this ISP is unusable if you play games.

In my opinion it is not worth getting this ISP, you cannot get their 50mbps plan at Rs700 or less anymore and its unstable latency makes it impossible for you to play online on any server you want.
Service is hit or miss because if something goes wrong then it will require multiple calls/emails to multiple people. Customer care has no power and just registers complaints and gives you false deadline.

For delhi ncr

This thread is about my experience with Hathway Delhi so it might not work with different region.

We all know that hathway has generic plans for different areas within same state.

Because of that there is no automated process which can prevent users from getting better plans at lower rates, plans can be manually adjusted by hathway team.

Hathway is giving cheapest plans to users who haven't renewed their services for more than 1 month. Those plans are sent via SMS.

These are few of those SMSs which users get if they haven't renewed.

"Hathway subscriber welcome back offer kindly rechagre today &get 10mbps UnLimited@500 & 25mbpsUnlimited@600&50mbps UL@750,pls call&sms-********"

^^Pm me to get the number for this message since it is a company mobile number.

"Summer Special Dear subscriber renew your same plan today05-06-2017for3months & get 30days extra with 3000GB data.pls make OP Dial 011 - 40898300."

^^this offer is for June only.

You can manipulate those date and tell them you received that message today.

Only existing users can get these plans since they are "welcome back" offers.

So what you have to do is wait for your current plan to expire and when it gets disconnected you call them and tell them that you got this message from hathway and ask for those plans. They will tell you to open their site < go to quick payment < enter your hathway id < enter required amount and choose quick payment option < call them again to start your plan and they will do it in few minutes.

These plans are not one time thing, so if you get a certain plan you can stick to it for next month. After one month you can even pay quarterly for that plan and get 30 days free from my second message which will cut the cost further down.

Plans which you can get:

10Mbps unlimited at Rs500

25Mbps unlimited at Rs600

50Mbps unlimited at Rs750

Upload speed is 1/10 download speed

I will be updating this post with newer messages and even better plans will be added.

**31 august 2017**

Edit: nowadays even better plans are available

Dear Hathway customer Kindly Renew your plan Today 22-08-17 & Get 5 Mbps Unlimited@1140 For 3 Month& 50 Mbps Unlimited@1993 for 3 Month Pls call ****

Hathway customer kindly Recharge via paytm app, today 23-08-17 & Get 5 Mbps Unlimited@499 &10 Mbps Unlimited@599 &50 Mbps Unlimited @665 Please call ******

** 1 november 2017**

50Mbps unlimited for 4(3+1) months at Rs2650. It will make your monthly = Rs662

Call 011-40898300.

I havent mentioned phone numbers since they are company phone numbers. Pm me or @salaxzar if you want those numbers or try 011-40898300(customer care for plans department).

Thanks to @salaxzar for helping
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Hathway guy who was installing cables in my lane showed me plans on his phone. 25mbps for 800 bucks. Is it the regular plan they offer to their customers?


Who the fuck knows what they offer nowadays.
Three months ago 3 different hathway guys gave me 3 different plans for same price.
First guy gave 25mbps unlimited at 919
Second gave 10mbps 150gb at 919
Third gave 20mbps 250gb at 929

They will literally offer you one plan and another to your neighbor.
But if he is giving you that plan then it will be true. Take it for one month, after one month take 50mbps at 750 from this method.


Weirdly, I have stopped receiving any messages since the past week :p. Used to receive 2-3 messages daily.


I think every month they make up new plans and after that they spam everyday so maybe they haven't decided yet.

For this month existing customers can get 1 month free if you pay for 3 months which in my opinion is a really good offer.
Most isp give one month free if you pay for a whole year.


I have been bombarded with some amazing offers. If anyone based out of Delhi requires the offers, then just PM me. Cannot post over here as the SMS contain phone no's


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Anyone have any offers for Bangalore? My connection is up for renewal pretty soon but I haven't received any messages.

edit - I just received a call telling me that I would get 2 months free if I pay for 6 months. I don't know if I want to be locked into Hathway for that long though.
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Don't pay for 6 months. You can call them and say that you got one of the plan mentioned above.
If that doesn't work then ask someone who hasn't renewed hathway in a while, he might be receiving messages from them.