Guide: How to prevent Dummy connection in MTNL3G


Dear all

Finally i have figured out a way to prevent dummy connection by a workaround. You need to have a vbscript and RasDial working in your PC. Both of these work by default

To test if VBScript working or not, download the below file and execute it
VBScript Test

If this script not giving alert and opens in a notepad or some other program, the VBScript is not associated properly.. Goto this website(File Association Fixes for Windows 7 - The Winhelponline Blog) and fix it

To check if "Rasdial" working or not

-- Go to command prompt and type "RasDial /DISCONNECT" (without quotes). This should terminate your existing dialup connection. If you get any error then this fix wont work

Now the main part.. Note that this fix or workaround will work only with "Dial up connection with auto reconnect option" or to those who use "Reconnect" Software

Download the below VBScript file

Main file

Use windows scheduler and schedule it to run every 30 minutes (or 1 hour or as per your wish)
Use the Reconnect software/Dialup connection normally.. This program checks the following

1) It checks if the internet connection is working or not (by pinging
2) If internet works, it does nothing and exits
3) If internet not working, then it terminates/disconnects the current dial up connection..
4) Since there is a disconnection, the "Reconnect" software automatically attempts one more connection
5) Meanwhile this script waits for 1 minute and then checks for internet connection again with the new dialed connection (by "Reconnect")
6) If it is normal connection then this script exit, else the loop follows again

So this program will exit only when there is a valid internet connection

Note: I am not responsible for any problem caused by this program. Use it at your own risk. Only problem i foresee is that when there is no connection at all due to problem with MTNL, then this keeps executing.. Hope that is understood.

Let me know your views..


I am not using MAC anymore, so can't test it.. Also i have no idea if this working for Windows users.. No one has reported on this yet.. Working perfectly for me though...