GTPL user experiences

Nagpur, India
Tata Docomo, Siti Broadband
Always had good experience with GTPL but from a week all my channels are lagging and not watchable, the cable guy came and did his thing but still half of the SD channels still lag and none of the HD channels work. The guy says that "exchange main pani ghus gaya hai aur pura short circuit ho gaya, 15 din lage ge, signal low hai", Translation : Due to heavy rain and water leakage it has been a short circut in the exchange and it will take 15 days to recover.
Called him yesterday and he said "kam challu hai, main baat kartu hu app se 2-3 din ke baad" Translation : Work in progress, will talk to you in 2-3 days"
What i think is that the traffic in area is much more than they can provide and that is causing the lag because from the voice and body language of the guy i think he is lying.
Saw/watching the Tri-series in SD on ten sports :pissed-off: