GSM networks can be hacked


Four founding members of a company called Matrix Shell say they have worked out a way to hack into India GSM phone numbers and make calls from them. They were able to use the unique SIM card number called International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) of their target victims.

Using a firmware called Osmocom and using software written by them on it, they successfully hacked into GSM phones at a recent security conference.

They showed it is possible through this kind of hacking to use a subscriber's IMSI and make calls; to illegally intercept calls; to draw up large bills against a post-paid subscriber's accounts; and to deplete a prepaid subscriber's balance, said Mr Aseem Jakhar, head of Null, an open security community that organised the conference.

Business Line : Industry & Economy / Info-tech : GSM networks can be hacked into, reveals security start-up