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Ah. Sounds interesting. Will give it a go :D

Not many options in Mumbai. Gurgaon seems well catered though.

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My first order today. Got a decent discount coz first order. Let's see if I get one of their free umbrellas too lol.

Was planning to order from BigBasket.com but their next delivery was scheduled for tomorrow morning. Grofers is scheduled to deliver before 3pm.


So the order was delivered before indicated time. Two guys had come. Though there was a minor issue with the order (no surprises there). Instead of akhrot they brought kaju. they took the package back and replaced it with akhrot in 15 minutes.

I guess it is a good option for ordering packaged branded items which has fixed MRP and proper brand. Twitter tell horror stories about the quality of vegetables and fruits. But then if you are going to order Mangoes at 3pm, no shopkeeper is likely to have good ones in stock as they are probably already sold out to customers who come early.

Plan is to check out Big Basket and Peppertap in the coming days.

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So folks ordering from Grofers are particular about the store as well. Just got a call from the company stating that my order is not available through the store I had selected (I had not actually. I just searched for a product and added it to cart). They wanted to know if I had any issues with them getting the stuff from another store if it is available elsewhere!


ordered a bunch of products today.
one of the product was not available. got a refund for that.
another product was not available from the same brand. they had called me and asked if they can just get me the same product from another brand. i said yes.

now the replacement product is priced at rs. 70. the product i had ordered was priced at rs. 95. mother picked the delivery and she did not look into the details.



now finding out how easy it is to get this refund from grofers!
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