Govt set to gain ‘back-door’ access to corporate email

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Govt set to gain

New Delhi: In a move that may raise serious questions regarding the privacy of corporate emails exchanged between individuals and employees, the Indian government is all set to gain “back-door” access to emails sent and received over Research In Motion Ltd’s (RIM) BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) within the next two-three months.
Govt testing RIM India server to intercept BBM, Email

Research In Motion has reportedly been testing BlackBerry servers for installation in India because the Indian government wishes to be able to intercept data. After a four year long tug of war, RIM will finally install a local server that will enable security agencies to intercept the heavily encrypted BlackBerry Email and Messenger. Hindu Business Line was informed by a top government official that RIM's server was tested by the Department of Telecom.
The government of India has been in talks with RIM India to install a local server here so that security agencies can lawfully intercept it through a "back door" key. For security reasons, the Indian government notified Google, Skype, Facebook and other companies offering similar services to allow lawful interception as well.

Govt plans rule for encrypted data access - Home -

New Delhi: The Union government has proposed a legal provision that puts the onus uniformly on companies such as Skype Technologies SA and Google Inc. to locate part of their information technology (IT) infrastructure within the country to enable investigative agencies ready access to encrypted data on their servers.
Further, to guarantee privacy, this legal provision will also require that data of Indian citizens, government organizations and firms hosted on the servers of these companies not be moved out of the country, three government officials confirmed separately.

unless we have judicial oversight of warrants this will be greatly abused.I hope in the upcoming privacy bill judicial oversight is there


privacy in India , dude that is a joke !! well g'bay RIM , our corporate business end had already decided to rid of RIM services for Indian end of our business , we are going android with free and open end to end encryption , business will not stand for any man in the middle attack by any govt . /wonders which stupid terrorist origination really uses RIM services.