Got Jio FTTH !!

Please post speedtest results. Thanks.

Deep Saha

even other providers are also now providing 100mbps at affordable price , in my area I get similar speed with 700gb fup at 1150rs

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what are the plans, FUP and FUP speed?
Its 100 GB / month, at 100 mpbs speed and 1 mbps thereafter. But If you run out of 100 GB before the month ends, you can keep doing top-up of 40 gb each which is also free. So practically its unlimited. I get around 96 to 98 mpbs up and down speed on my jiofiber.
@Dhiraj Lets say jio people arrive to my society.Then I tell them I want connection.Then,how will the installation be done and how much time it will take?I have heard that they have to do some digging stuff