Got Jio FTTH !!


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Hi guys, i got the jio ftth at my place today. Wiring etc all done. Just waiting for activation. Very excited as this is the first connection in my area. (Mohali).

The engineer was very angry at wiring guy for -25db loss any idea what/how bad it is?


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bhai please ask about ambala. Mohali se 50km hi dur hai.

Do you live in closed community with lots of house or your house is on a random location. Are they covering only societies or individual house owner can also hope to get a connection?

Once activated please post speedtest of Singapore, london, japan or any usa server.


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my friend got jio fiber almost one year back. he lives in housing society with around 300 flats, jio people gave free unlimited 100mbps connections to them with only 5k for modems and installations. pretty sweet deal if you ask me
-25db is the optical PON power he received at the ONT.
But you should be fine with that, it will run fine.

But do you really use only 100GB in a month ?

I dont find anything exciting in Jio Fiber Plans.
@Soumendra Jena The current Jio plans don't seem to be the final plans. Also, their current plans are basically unlimited, apparently when your 100GB is up you can get a 40GB top-up for 0 bucks and you can keep topping up as many times as you want every time 40GBs are up.


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Guys I got the Jiofiber in my apartment today. I am from Navi Mumbai.

About 2 months ago, they did the cabling in my building. I had contacted customer care a month ago and asked them to send their sales guy to take the order, now that the cabling was done. They just gave me a reference id but nobody contacted me since a month. Then last week, their sales exec himself came and went from door to door explaining the preview offer.

So please note that they themselves come to your door inviting you to avail the preview offer. You cannot call the sales guy randomly and ask for a connection.

After I submitted my form, order was raised the next day and engineer came on the very next day for the installation. Activation was done on the spot and everything was so seamless.