Got connected to BSNL DataOne Connection


Jul 9, 2005
It took three emails, one personal visit to finally get a connection after 10 days! The guy came with an assistant, installed everything and now the conection is up and running! Since I'm the only person having a connection in the local exchange the speeds are quite good. :)Though I do have some questions. I'm currently on a 256kbps Home connection with a CAP of 1GB.The guy simply installed the modem. I don't have to enter any username/password. I just switch on the modem and it's working after a minute. Don't I have to use some program/connection manager where I enter a user/pass and then connect?The guy gave me a user id and password. I changed the password for broadband access. I can't login to the Dataone Email portal with any of the passwords. I understand that the user id shall be same for mail and access. Right? Password is not working not even the previous one? Any ideas why?When i log-in I guess some data goes up and down. Is that also counted in my limit of 1GB? If yes then how can I find exactly how much data went like that?Thanks in advance. :)


Jul 13, 2005
Hearty congratulations for having one of the best broadband connections!!!!

to access the Dataone Account Admnistration **
use the same user ID and password that you are using to login to the service.

It seems that you have logged in to the above mentioned site to change the PW. If you had successfully changed the PW, then use the new PW or else use the old PW.
While entering the PW you have to take care that it is exactly the same.

If you keep open the browser for quite long time some time-out may occur. Hence you may close the browser and then try again.

E-mail ID and the User ID are one and the same, while logging on to the Admin web page you need not key in the, just the user ID would do.

I think most probabaly, you might have forgotten the new PW. Just try to remember the exact PW.

Wish you all the best!!! :D :lol: :D


Jul 12, 2005
Originally posted by Sushubh@Jul 15 2005, 05:16 PM
heh. ur post gave me the impression that BSNL indeed released their new packages :)

We're all waiting for that "UNLIMITED" word from the great BSNL for home access. Anytime in the next 2-3 years we know it may be announced :(

Please do not use words like "finally"


Oct 29, 2004
heh. well why do u think they would even introduce an UNLIMITED package! they have no competition which can beat their packages at the prices they are offering them :)



Talking about topic headings..there is a topic called "Happy news from BSNL" in this menu and whenever leaves a message there and when i go thru unread posts , i c that heading and then my heart starts really fast but when i see its an ol post i feel really bad


The Coolest One!!!
Jan 30, 2005
quite rightly said sushubh...BSNL doesn't really need to change any packages...untill they really want the "broadband revolution" to basically if only our telecom minister "sahab" thinks that it should be done, then only...otherwise, i'm not really positive about that happening real soon... -_-


Jun 26, 2005
BSNL has misled everyone. New package were to be introduced last week but it seems to have deffered the decision.

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