Google One launched in India


Price of one plan updated.
One new plan.
Sharing features.
Additional benefits like support on consumer products and offers.

One simple way to get more out of Google

One of the most common requests we’ve received is for storage plans to be sharable within a family. With Google One, you can add up to five family members to your plan and simplify storage under one bill. Everyone gets their own private storage space as well as the additional benefits of Google One.
People who use a lot of storage tend to use a lot of other Google products, too. So with Google One you get one-tap access to experts for help with our consumer products and services. Plus, you’ll gain access to extras from other Google products, like credits on Google Play or deals on select hotels found in Google Search. And we’ll be adding more benefits over time.
Blog post does not seem to list the new plans.

Say hello to Google One | TechCrunch

I am currently using around 450GB. But I could possibly bring it down to 200GB plan.
Alternative is to find 3-4 people to share the 2TB plan with like what we do with Netflix.
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This actually feels like Google trying to create an Amazon Prime type service. But as usual, Google messed up.
They needed to create a service that had tiered pricing for services like Music, Red, Storage etc. The more services you added, the cheaper the subscription got.
Storage with support and potential offers? Seems like an half-assed idea.


just got invited. here are the prices.

100GB: Rs. 130 per month - Rs. 1300 per year
200GB: Rs. 210 per month - Rs. 2100 per year
2TB: Rs. 650 per month - Rs. 6500 per year
10TB: Rs. 6500 per month
20TB: Rs. 13000 per month
30TB: Rs. 19500 per month


Start or stop sharing with your family - Computer - Google One Help

sharing is connected to family group. so that sucks.

six people can share the storage iirc. so the 2TB plan would cost each individual around 100 rupees per month with 300GB+ accessible to each. the problem is family group where they ask the primary user for their pan card number. and there is also sharing of paid apps iirc. so kind of become hard to form a friends group.

you can only change family after 12 months :D

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Parent guy also becomes responsible for app and other payments. Not clear if family member can independent pay for apps and services.

Play music also has a family group plan. Not available in india atm from what I read.

User can only change a family every 12 months which is another annoyance.

My storage would become paid in January. Would need to decide what to do. I have already started trimming. Brought it down from 400GB plus to 195GB. Would still be paying 2100 per year for this.

So would prefer to join a group and get 300GB for 100 bucks per month.