Google News (2018)


it replaces Google Play Newsstand. So if you have that installed, you would/should get this automatically.
Google News & Weather is not going to get any more updates.

I had Newsstand earlier, but recently when I factory reset phone, I didnt install it.

can folks here check what does this setting change?
i assumed that it would open news stories in browser instead of inside the news app.
but it could also mean that if you click on a link inside a news story, it should open the link inside the news app.
for me, if this option is enabled... the news story opens inside news app. clicking on a link inside news story opens it in browser.
and if this option is disabled, exact same behavior. news open inside the news app and links inside the news story open in browser.
Same here for me as well.


this is kind of super annoying. sharing feature is so messed up in google news that i prefer to use the share feature in browser. but it is just not letting me open the links in browser.
as of now, it requires me to open the story inside the app. then open the three dots menu. and then pick the option to open in browser.
the menu is at top right so it takes a lot of effort to reach there. it's insane.
google is moving navigation at the bottom while it should be moving controls there.

I am trying to add Widget for new Google News, but its not working. After I select and add Widget, it does not gets added.

In widget section, Widget for new Google News is displayed (for old Google News as well widget is present, but it has name Google News and Weather).

Google News on Web also changed, and its bad as all saved topics are migrated under Favorites. Earlier it was in front, now we have to navigate to extra menu.
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