Google News (2018)


The new Google News: AI meets human intelligence

The all-new Google News replaces Google Play Newsstand on mobile and desktop and the Google News & Weather app on mobile. It's rolling out starting today and will be available to everyone on Android, iOS and the web in 127 countries by next week.


and just like google feed, shares from the app also add junk to shared content.

I hope they add some great weather widget to it.
Looks like weather is given miss or less priority?



can folks here check what does this setting change?
i assumed that it would open news stories in browser instead of inside the news app.
but it could also mean that if you click on a link inside a news story, it should open the link inside the news app.
for me, if this option is enabled... the news story opens inside news app. clicking on a link inside news story opens it in browser.
and if this option is disabled, exact same behavior. news open inside the news app and links inside the news story open in browser.
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