Goods & Services Tax (GST) Updates


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So I filed a grievance at

Now on the front under purpose of the portal they have written this: (read bold words)

They can lodge Complaint here indicating issues or problems faced by them while working on GST portal instead of sending emails to the Helpdesk

  • To provide all required information and reducing to and fro communication between helpdesk and the tax payers, helping to reach a faster resolution.

But what happens?

After I file the grievance - I get a reply asking for more details and I am supposed to reply to [email protected]

The ticket system has no way of tracking the communication. I can not see what I wrote, what reply I got.

All I can see is if my ticket is open or closed or awaiting reply.

And only way to reply is to reply to helpdesk via email.

If i have to email them - what is the purpose of whole portal?

And what is more funny is there - there is another grievance portal run by GST.

If you login to your GST account - there is a complete separate link for grievance. I had opened ticket there first but I never got a reply (waiting from 10 days)