Good Performance from YOU Broadband.

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Navi Mumbai
MTNL, YOU Broadband
All over in the forum, i see people have been bashing YOU Broadband, may be i am the one of the lucky few who is having a great experience. I live in Nerul, Navi Mumbai.

I saw their AD online for the 12mbps plan and was a bit skeptical, but still thought of giving it a try. I filled the online form from their site and got the call the very same day.
A guy came to collect the money in the evening. The installation guy came the next day and dropped the coaxial cable at my house.
The "engineer" came in the evening, connected the Motorola surfboard modem. Did a few tests and all was fine. This was 2 weeks back and i am very happy to say that the performance is consistent.
(11.60mbps down and 1.65 mbps up.) since the very first day.

The only gripe i have is the PPPoE connection, in which you have to login like the good old days of the dial up.

Overall very satisfied with YOU Broadband.


Whats your ping to UK and german servers? Looks like I will have to switch ISPs soon
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You Broadband
Lucky you .. even I thought the same and got this service ...

Youbroadband - Chennai

Its better you live without internet, than opting to go for youbroadband service.

Worst in Class Service provided:

A company that gets in touch with their clients only for renewal

They benefit because most of the time especially when you are in real need of internet it does not work. So in a 3 month tariff 1 month net wont work and you will still have half your GB go wasted.

You will get a message in the morning at 8 AM that internet connection is out due to technical fault. and the same will automatically get rectified and a message stating same will be sent the next morning at 2 or 3 AM and that too if you are lucky, else it will be after 2 or three days.

Ideally the service provider helps you loose weight... walk between room to see if all the modem lights are burning, else run around to see if the neighbors have internet.

You need have your own set of service tools, service engineers, or our local cable operators, so that they can help you in getting your cut wire rectified. Best if you have your own cables also.

The best customer service: they will always promise to get back to you: but you will never get a call. The easiest way of online rectification of any trouble shooting: Switch off - Switch on - unplug and plug.. nothing happens they will for sure send a never existent engineer. Worst of all they can neither understand English not will they understand Hindi. Most of the time they do not have reference numbers for the complaint calls and no history to detail about your earlier complaint. to top it all their systems are always down especially when you ask them if they have old complaint history. Even otherwise I guess they use scrolls and no computers.

They promptly ensure to collect the renewal amount, however after that, none of those numbers will be reachable. That is the only time you will realize that there are people working in this company.

It is mandate to know where the regional or local service office is so that you can at least lament your sorrows about this bad service to the watchmen, because there are and they are always engineers who cater to the neighboring locality and not yours.

After all this if you still feel you need opt this company ... you are most welcome to join my club...

Youboradband AC#: 1010184 -