Good Article on Indian BB Scenario


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Mar 11, 2005
Found an article on the online edition of Hindu...the author has correctly highlighted the negative aspects of the BB scenario..not like the rediff crap posted earlier on..we need many more like these to create awareness..

Making speed with broadband

A year after the Government unveiled an ambitious policy to promote broadband use, the Ministry of Communications is discovering the depressing reality that not all subscribers are ready to make the transition from dial-up Internet. Costs have dropped by nearly 75 per cent in the 12 months ended September, but the tariff reduction for 256 kilobits per second connections is rendered unattractive by restrictions on usage patterns or downloads. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that only about 600,000 subscribers among over 5 million Internet users have opted for broadband. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), which envisaged a liberal policy framework for broadband, has rightly called for concerted efforts by service providers to achieve the original goal of 1.5 million connections each in the private and public sectors by December. Given the relatively slow pace of growth, it would seem the opportunity to create a competitive and subscriber-friendly regime was lost simply because the Government was disinclined to share the BSNL and MTNL telephone networks with the private sector for service provision.

International experience indicates that a mix of entertainment and social benefits has fuelled expansion of broadband, where subscribers generally have unlimited access to upload and download content. Music, entertainment and multimedia information, e-governance, health and telemedicine, social connectedness, and the availability of information have all actively promoted its use. New multimedia content such as podcasts (audio programmes of a specified format which can be located by search and book-marked) that inform and educate, is adding to the popularity of high bandwidth connections; some universities in the United States have begun to post podcasts of lectures delivered in classrooms online for downloading by students. Sadly, in the Indian context broadband has not made the major strides thought possible only a year ago, in the absence of a wider base of users and active promotion of content creation in areas such as education, agriculture, health care, and e-governance. It is unlikely this situation will change dramatically if the "rationing" mindset that limits data downloads is not replaced by a more progressive outlook; the Confederation of Indian Industry had, in its submission to policymakers, envisaged affordable access of 1.5 megabit speed and unlimited downloads for home users to boost broadband penetration. Besides lifting of data download restrictions, initiatives to provide free wireless Internet in educational institutions, public libraries, and government offices may be necessary for wider and more equitable access. There is some evidence available from the Pew Internet Project in the U.S. to show that adoption of broadband may have slowed (there was only a three per cent increase in 2005 over the previous year) because a significant number of the remaining dial-up subscribers have low purchasing power. Clearly, policy intervention holds the key.

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Jun 26, 2005
it hits the problem bang on spot. high speed with no caps is the only way that broad band will grow. what's the use of a 1.5mbps connection with a 5 gb cap. it only means that you will get to the limit faster. i hope the ISP companies wake up and smell the coffee because we user wont be putting up with this crap for too long. some company should come along and shake up the whole industry like gmail did to the mail industry.


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Jan 21, 2005
ok good, finally people are talking about download limits.... so the general (moronic) public will also start demanding it hopefully....yep, 1.5 mbps unlimited as the article says, thats what we need


Jan 28, 2005
more than ISPs it should be the government who should take the initiative.They should allow private isps to use mtnl and bsnl networks. Guess thats the right thing to do.


Jul 29, 2005
i think the government did take an initiative by fixing a certain limit below which internet connection wouldnt be called broadband.. and also making it cheaper..yes they lost out on the pathetic data limits that they put.. i agree..but i think the step of making people think that broadband is and can be cheaper was definately a good thing... cause it made many isp`s reduce their prices too ..and ya they should actually the use of last mile by private operators too.. increase in competition would mean better service too...also just curious. would it be possible to have every isp provide a minimum of 256kbps speed and very low prices so that atleast 256kbps can reach the masses..cause even now you get 64kbps connections for 600 bucks.. which really sucks!


Jan 10, 2005
download limit is a very big culprit and most companies the exploiting it


Oct 6, 2005
can you guys please give me the email address of the author? I would like to thank him! This is the first article which REALLY addresses the issue of broadband. Do you think we should ask the hindu to publish more such articles that will REALLY embarras the ISPs? May be provide the authors with ready made facts / figures and analysis if the situation? May be this will provoke competing news papers and other media to publish similar or better articles? This is be a good WAKE UP call for the public which will just stop putting up with crap that Indian ISPs are feeding them???What do you guys think? I am really fed up of listening to the SUPER Triband combo offer with 250MB FREE data download (YES!!! 250MB!!!! THATS **SO** GENEROUS!!!! I can download the WHOLE INTERNET WITH THAT DOWNLOAD LIMIT!!!!1111).


May 26, 2005
They are guaging the market. Investment in this sort of infrsatructure is costly. SO they set a low limit and see the reaction. If more people complain they will increase it, but by a small amount. Give it a year or so and see the reaction. Then increase it again ever so slightly.

Gives them plenty of time to recoup their costs.

Only thing that might speed this up slightly is more awareness. They need to hear that people are willing to spend to get what they want. The % of ppl making the kind of money they want as customers is a tiny amount.

5 million users out of a population of 1Billion !!!!! That is pathethic. I would have hoped it would be at least 100 million. There seems to be a lot of hoo-ha in the west about India. Oh India this , India that...

...the reason, India is one of the top 3 Arms buyers in the world. Yep India has been spending billions in the last few yrs to get lots of toys for the defense dept.


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Aug 26, 2005
Great article, finally!!!! I'm happy to see that some part of the real internet scenario is showing up in the newspapers for the 'aam junta'. It would be fantastic if The Times of India carries a big article with similar content. If anyone knows reporters who work for TOI, they should go and tell them about this. In India, things only begin to happen when people revolt hehe (like the electricity situation in delhi :DThe next step is to have this reported on the tv news. Imagine the look on the faces of the a$$hole ISP's when they hear of something like that haha.

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