Going for docomo,suggestions pls


Jul 18, 2011
After Hectic experience with Airtel, We temp. switched to MTNL for a while, There isn't any doubt while roaming in remote areas I found Coverage too good, But sadly the Network itself isn't that gr8 in Mumbai.Most hardest experience is I can not make calls sitting at Home or can't receive it as theres no network at all, i have to stand by Window or have to keep mobile their to receive signals.Solution to this problem isn't that great as Senior Officials told me that they had taken out Tower from nearby building due to certain issues & no ET for fixing it, so I'v been suggested to the same as above...to stick to windowIn addition since Diwali there's huge sum of call drops, Don't remember the day when I could speak continuously for more than 10mins.so left with no choice to rethink! found TATA's My Family Plan but sadly its for CDMA users, so Sales Guy suggested to opt for Docomo which is for GSMPlans are pretty good considering our usage especially Roam Free 299 & Diet 299 Rollover offering 4 Top-ups are certainly worth the money. Going for MNPThe TD Sales Person who came to my Place told me-For Postpaid start with 149 PlanThen Advantage for opting Diet or FAT plan is 2/4top-ups. Paying Rs.299 & getting 600Local mins + 500 SMS(with Top-ups) is really worthUnder CUG I can add 3 TATA nos to which I can make unlimited callsThere is significant improvement in network which was used to Pathetic during initial daysBut Same quest. rises again- NETWORK COVERAGE !!Also If one needs to daily access Mails & Trading how much Data is needed for a month, 1GB is sufficient?No Vodafone- its way costly & no coverage at some place in Maharashtra where we travelNo Reliance- Do not see any Value for money features, plus SMS charged @Rs.1/- local :(I request to have word on DOCOMO Experience & suggestions


DOCOMO has definately..the most mouth watering plans...no doubt...And yes if you want to access daily mails and do some regular browsing 1GB is pretty much sufficient i guess....!!You will find everything reasonable in DOCOMO...!!But i had a bad experience in Coverage...make sure it's there in your area and the areas you travel....!!On the other side..i would suggest you to look into the plans of Idea and Aircel....they too have some good plans....!!..IDEA has never let me down when it came to coverage...but a little bit expensive though...Who knows they might come handy for your particular needs...!!


okay why dont you takea prepaid first tyo se the coverage in your home and then take the post paid on same one.now that being saidTata docomo has been good with me in many cities in maharashtra, I use streaming music, gmail, browsing etc etc 1 gb is sufficeint for 1Gigs, I would suggest try getting 3g speed if you have big screen... call quality is good, SMS is very efficient... in fat dodcomo was first mobile company to offer free minutes for rent, there is also voicemail option for FREE, first time in INDIA....


@rajm11i know all the features of DOCOMO...and yes it is one of the finest operator in our market....not denying/criticizing and never will...!!But sometimes i had signal drops out of no where...!!I just din want others to go through the same experience that i did...thats why i SUGGESTED him to check with the coverage within his usage limits....!! Thats all.. :)


they have hiccups, today only they cut my 10 and 30 paise while surfing even though I have full recharge of 95 for a month... you have to bare a little sometimes other wise a great service ...


Mar 4, 2013
YEAh Docomo is superb in pricing its plans. But i found the coverage a little lower if i went to outskirts of the city. Best bet is to buy a new docomo sim (may cost you just 50 rs) and try it! if you're satisfied then port your main number to Docomo! And prepaid is FAR FAR better than postpaid IMO


Feb 25, 2011
Docomo 3G is yet to be launched in Hyderabad. I was looking for MF691 -21 mbps card.They had MF631 (7.2 mbps) only.
docomo 3g will be soonbe launched in AP using some body else's spectrum may be (Idea?)
any attractive data plans from Docomo?


Nov 7, 2011
I would advice you go ahead and try - because that's what I do in case of any GSM operator. SIM card & FRC doesn't cost more than Rs.100 anyway.For example, in chennai & Bangalore, I had a very pathetic experience with tata docomo - apalling GPRS and congested network for voice calls. Another example, BSNL was patchy at Bangalore and fairly good at Chennai.


Dude, Docomo can give you weird surprises in terms in of coverage and CC. some location might be good but if bad then you will suffer like anything. as suggested go for prepaid and try. but if ask my opinion, none of the operator is having QOS. its all making money and fooling customer policy. even operators consider customer as use and throw commodity , gone are those days of customer loyalty and delight. single customer loosing their network doesnt bother them much, only matters if huge chunk are moving out.


Nov 2, 2008
As far as network coverage of DoCoMo is concerned in Mumbai.. Its fabulous..Signal strength ranges between 70%-100% always..Best part about DoCoMo is their pricing..For example, if you are from Mumbai, you recharge with Rs.39/- you get 2GB data for 1 month and Rs.15 as Core balance.

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