GOI launches Digital Locker service for Documents


Its not about money. Its about uploading documents. Mostly identification documents.
i think that was sarcasm :p


I am not sure who the people who design this site are, but a lot of things have not been thought of at all. I will not go into the points of concern raised above by other members, I have been trying to upload documents like Driving Lic, Passport, Election card, Aadhar card as you are aware all these documents carry information on the front & back, so I had put both parts of the documents in one .pdf file but for some reason it is not getting uploaded & I get the an error as seen the pic below.

Also this file size is just around 30kb – 150kb, well below the size limit specified AND in a permitted file format eg: .pdf. the honly solution was to use a s/w to join the two jpegs pics of front & back into one then upload it keeping in mind the max size allowed. What a lot of bother, could they not have thought of all this before surely they themselves would have such documents. Other points I noticed during my use of this site

When I created my login. After submitting the OTP I am forced to create a login, maybe this should be kept optional, many would like to login with only the Aadhar no. & OTP.

When creating a username, the moment the cursor leaves that field it should tell us whether that particular username is available, currently I come to know this ONLY after I enter the passwords twice & click on submit.

When entering details into the pop window (for uploading a file) the fields are center aligned, they should be left or right aligned depending upon the type of data.

All this was sent to them but as expected their ‘support’ email id is mum to all mails sent. What a bummer. It seems like all govt systems they seem to build into them a certain amount of disappointment/irritation into them. My friend @krish_88 had installed the railway app (UTS) & when he went to take a printout it didn’t work so he was forced to buy another ticket at the normal ticket counter though the app had debited him already. I remember he had posted that on twitter but writing to any govt dept/functionary is useless. Even though they tell us they want to connect with us. Seems to be a one way connection. Not the digital India I expected but then more we try to change the more everything remains the same.

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usability is not a very strong aspect of government sites even though it is supposed to be one of the biggest criteria in their specifications document based on what i got from my friend who worked in a company that bid on government web portal projects.
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