Getting slow speed on Lan cable and wifi with 20mbps plan??


I have the new promotional plan of bsnl 299/-, which has upto 20 mbps download speed till 10gb/day, then 1 mbps beyond. I have TP-Link W8961N ADSL2 modem router and bsnl technician told me not to change/reset any settings. Now, the problem is that i am only getting betweem 5 - 7 mbps on both LAN cable and WIFI. I was expecting atleast 15mbps+ on LAN cable and around 8-10mbps on wifi. Below are my ADSL stats:-
Now, i have joints in my telephone line, but the loose wire joint was fixed, still there is no improvement in speed. Exchange is around 3km from my house? What should i do? please help.

Downstream Upstream
SNR Margin
7.0 5.1 db
Line Attenuation
38.1 32.1 db
Data Rate
9209 541 kbps
Max Rate
12364 526 kbps
18.6 12.2 dbm
576 51


data rate shown in this status shows rate of 10 mbps max. that is one reason you are not getting 20 mbps. now the snr value shows its hard for you to the full 20 mbps..


Hi, You say that your house is 3 km from dslam. That is the reason for the slow speed. Also check if there is noise static on the phone line. If you have the tape drop wire, there is no chance of more speed. BSNL now gives a cable type of drop wire , which is round in shape like the tv cable wire from your house to the connected post. This will moderately improve your speed..
Did you check the status of adsl, wha speed it shows there.
What are the adsl mode you have enabled.
As the distance from dslam increases the speed ls getting throttled.
Did you mean Reset of telephone line or any other thing.
Moreover, you cannot expect 20 mbps speed in the bb lilnes, it is possible in fth lines.
This is what i know


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it shows that with SNR download 38 dB you are around 2.7 km away and hence you get 10 Mbps.
Cant do much... as there is high distance resulting in cable loss