Getting huge lag with Chrome with HD Vids !

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I have been getting huge lag with my chrome for past 3days. I thought it might have to do something with my net. but then checked out with fox its working fine.The video loads fine in chrome but it plays at very slow speeds on ytube ? what just got f*d here with chrome now ?and if I take it full screen vid starts to lag even more ?Also I can't seem to make chrome remember saved password with ?


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here are a couple of suggestions. 1. disable pepper flash from chrome://plugins/2. try using a new profile from here: chrome://chrome/settings/about password saving on it should work unless microsoft is using ajax based form that are not caught by browser and plugins like lastpass in my own experience. i hate such forms that do not alert the password managers. flipkart uses them too i believe. i just remembered it happens on my installation too. microsoft uses a complicated form for login on which redirects to some long url on

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Found the problem it was related to my modem setting which i changed to configure it for MTNL BB very weird that it effected chrome this much and still there is though not that much but still lag in chrome compared to Fox !will try to fiddle around with what Sushab said lets see...

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nvm, lag back in chrome...have to fiddle with flash plugins now...