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hi folks!
let me try to explain the situation first, hopefully you will understand the situation and then please suggest me the suitable option.
i am an open source developer. what i do is? i have many laptops (this one is a test machine, its for trashing and stress testing, before i finally pull the code to production machine, in short, learning how to develop horrible softwares horribly with horrible attitude and horrible thinking ability).
before i used this hack:
battery pack with 4 * 2100 mAh batteries with 5.0 and 9.0 and 12.0 V and 1-1.5 A output and connect that to wifi routers, which has nxtx or icmptx, and when i used to meet my clients? i used to either bounce off or via tcp over udp or tcp over icmp. Now i am planning to use a 3g connection. since it doesnt look nice me sharing my clients connection or piggy banking on wifi hotspots (jumping access w/o paying a penny and neither breaking laws). so which 3g or 3.5g or 3.75g (near LTE) is suggested.
pseudo diagram will be
4*2100 mAh 5/9/12v -> Linksys wrt54g w/ hardware hacks -> nxtx/icmptx (jump access points) -> laptop T60
to this scenario detail explaination (i hope you people are still with me and not lost)
sim + dongle connected to lava w150 (i already ported openwrt to it, it was a breeze i just had issues with kernel compression rest was smooth,i had a hard time mapping the memory and kernel. load necessary softwares in w150, in the micro-sd which will allow me to have a full featured setup with IDS and IPS and firewall and virus scanner for mail and web. i.e. i need not turn the laptop on and use it as a mobile mail/web server, it happens inside the [sim + modem + micro sd + lava w150].
3g dongle w/ 8 gb micro sd -> laptop (optional)
my question is/are again analytical.
1. decent provider
2. decent coverage
3. decent quality
4. decent rate
5. decent support w/ foobar support team
6. decent plan (pre/post paid)
7. decent roaming charges not abnoxious ones.
8. decent coverage even when roaming
suggestions needed, i havent tried 3g with this point of view. i have used 3g to rip and roll! if suggestions are not suiting me? when i will have to go back to piggy banking, i.e. jumping wifi hotspot ;-) and piggy bank!
i dont mind spending provided i get a value for money. so which operator is ideal. i am in chennai. thanks.
p.s. mail server will be a heavy duty one with tls and web server will be low to moderate traffic and a wikid VPN server for clients to comminicate with me from remote site.
p.s. 2 i know how to bounce off 3g too, so i have an option to piggy bank on 3.x G. but i wouldnt mind spending (atleast clients prespective, doesnt look nice me piggy banking) provided service is okayish to good.

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