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Rehan Kumar

I have not used HDFC so I cannot tell, the difference between bank and PayPal is not huge, generally a maximum of 2-3%. If you want to buy something expensive then try doing a cheap (1$) transaction to calculate
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Ancient Philospher
If its Regalia then its 2% which is among the lowest.

Bank is almost always better than Paypal

Among credit cards. Yes First has the lowest rates - around 1.5% i think. thats why i got it

IndusInd has a debit card which has 0% forex markup


::IBF Addict::
Looks like they're no longer shipping products to India. When I add any product into cart, it gives the below error:

I pinged them on Facebook Messenger two days ago but they haven't replied yet.


::IBF Addict::
Had tried that too. I even tried using Sushubh's address. Same error. Opened a ticket and sent them a video of the process. This is what they replied.

I have replied to them saying my friends from India are able to order products just fine.