Fujitsu Arrows F-07D


Oct 29, 2004
Fujitsu Arrows F-07D nabs 'thinnest smartphone' title, Droid Razr retorts: 'real phones have (some) curves' - Engadget

Do you see that? It's the Fujitsu Arrows F-07D. Unlike some phones we won't mention, it doesn't boast about being the world's thinnest (and it doesn't come with a 10.6mm hump at one end). No, this telephone is 6.7mm all the way along -- so svelte the brave boys at the FCC probably had to pop next door to borrow a ruler that measures things that small. The 109-gram device has a measly 4-inch 800 x 480 OLED display and a five megapixel camera, but you might have noticed that it's also quite thin.
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