FTTH of BSNL at Chennai

BSNL can easily beat ACT in the game of providing FTTH in the heart of Chennai. The FTTH plans of BSNL match those of ACT plan by plan. Any customer will opt for BSNL, if assured of satisfactory service by BSNL, if he can easily access a responsible nodal officer and if troubleshooting is done by BSNL as fast as ACT does.

I have been trying to get some basic details about FTTH from BSNL's officers without success till date. I even sent a mail to General Manager (Broadband), Chennai to the mail id provided for him by BSNL, i.e. gmbb_chennai@bsnl.co.in. It returned undelivered. Does such an address really exist? If not, why should it find a mention in the list of nodal officers of BSNL at Chennai? Will the General Manager (Marketing) or General Manager (Broadband) at Chennai send his mail id to my mobile No.9444485222, so that I can seek certain clarifications from him? I am even ready to meet him in person, if he gives me an appointment.


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I asked the customer care they said it is available in my area, so i applied for a FTTH connection to BSNL portal page. I got a message saying this service is not available for your :D