FTTH Mesh? User doesn't getting connected [Fixed]

Hello IBF Support team,

Two days before my BSNL FTTH connection went off, all the three lights (REG, LINK/ACT and WIFi) are active and the user doesn't getting connect. I took the connection before 1 month. I called BSNL and they told me to take 'bbtest', so i did and found that bbtest too doesn't getting connection. So they told me that the problem was with LOC. Today LOC called me that there is some problem with mesh and BSNL tech need to be fixed n they're on the way for it. I don't know where he is lying or not because i'm in good contract with JTO and he haven't send him any men to fix. Before 30 min, i called my LOC again and he told that there are fixing it through online because there is a signal strength defluction or something... . Is this true?

Do you have any experience? If it is not fixed within 1 week, i'll leave BSNL forever and go for better.
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If the connection going down for a few hours then it will probably take a week to be up again. Atleast this is my experience and they also specifically told me before installing.

The transmission power of the main underground line from exchange to LOC office was very week, finally got fixed! :rolleyes: ~ thanks

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