FTTH and WIFI Help please

Hi Friends am in BSNL UL 950 Plan and now I want to go with FTTH 1045 PLan .when I enquired about it BSNL People are saying I cannot use WIFI with the modem they are providing as its a1 type router. Please suggest me what I have to do to make WIFI also work? Am really thankful for your suggestions and help. Thanks in advance



ont is what they would give you. it would give you an ethernet cable. that you connect to your own self owned wireless router. which can be used to connect to computers using ethernet or wireless. ont is basically a device that converts the fiber coming to your place to ethernet.
Yes, they gave me ONT along with battery and also they set up a box. They told me to purchase an MI Router in order to use WIFI.


the box has a cable coming out that connects to your pc/modem. You have to buy wifi router yourself and plug the cable to the router and from router to pc. BSNL fools so many people, which is the first reason I am against this company.Most ISP's should provide a wifi router at installation.
EDIT: Forgot to add ISP takes extra money to give you the router, which saves the hassle of buying and setting it up.
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Exactly correct they didn't tell me about the WIFI thing till they installed

And this is the speed test I just did

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