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I finally decided to make this public.

The reason why I was not doing so - because the driver that is required to be installed UNCAPS the speed limits set by Airtel's servers

Yes! , you'll get a speed of 50 KB/s even on a 64k plan..

I felt guilty for not sharing this with the community...

So here it is,

I've had this conversation with prathap ... take a look at it:
i've got my better solution  see ... firstly ....
so you flash the modem bios or something?
Angad says:
nothing that serious
Angad says:
it'll take only a few mouse clicks
Angad says:
software based
Angad says:
first go to
Angad says:
download the RAS PPPoE protocol*
32-bit release for x86 machines
151 kb
Angad says:
install it on windows xp sp2
Angad says:
go to Control Panel > Network Connections > right click > propterties > Install > Protocol > Have Disk > winpppoe.inf > install it ignoring all messages and warnings of windows xp
Angad says:
now ..
open in ur browser
first read all my instuctions ... bcoz ull probably go offline when u;ve done the next step
Angad says:
go to Configuration > WAN connections > Delete the current service > create new service > select RFC 1483 Bridged > enter VCI=1, VPI=32 > let other settings remain same ....> after creating new service > restart modem > run > type raspppoe > ok > press query button > if it displays some service then > go to network connections > create new conection > internet > manual > 2nd option (broadband connection) > enter all \"faltu\" settings > open the newly created connection > type in ur Airtel username (ur phone number with std) and ur airtel [email protected]$$word > connect > if connect fails!!!!! > then uninstall protocol > restart PC!!! > reinstall protocol > restart Modem !!! > if still connection fails > uninstall protocol > delete wan service in webadmin > create it again (rfc 1483 bridged) > install protocol again > restart PC and Modem!!!!
Angad says:
i think the above are the most comprehensive and complete installation instructions that i cud ever provide!!!!!!!!
Angad says:
no .. completely reversible.. u can even insert a pin inside the reset button's whole at the back of ur modem .. if everything fails
Angad says:
i wud'nt do this if it were irreversible or risky!!!!!